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TEMA INDIA LTD. a leading manufacturer of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers in India in  various metallurgies covering CS, SS, LAS, Non-ferrous, Monel, Duplex and Super duplex is now into design, engineering and supply of Feed Cycle Equipments (Surface Condenser, HP/LP Feed Water Heaters, Deaerators and CCW Coolers) for Power plants Upto 800 MWe.

The installed manufacturing capacity of 15000 MT/ annum spread over four manufacturing locations has state of art manufacturing facilities comprising of:
  • Deep hole CNC BTA drilling machines up to 1500 mm deep
  • CNC Rolling Machine upto 140 mm thick
  • Maximum lifting capacity (single crane) 180 MT
  • Clean room facility for handling exotic materials.
  • Separate bay for handling Stainless Steel (SS) materials.
HP Feed Water Heater    
HP Feed Water Heater   A Feed Water Heater   Condenser With Standpipe and Flash Tank
Drilled tubesheets & Drilled support plates of surface condenser (220 MWe CCPP)   10800 tubes of 25.4mm OD x 22 BWG x 10020mm long. overall dimensions (LxBxH) 15200mm x 7250mm x 6600mm after the assembly is complete.   Axial Surface Condenser for 220MW combined cycle power plant at Samalkot (LxBxH) 15200mm x 7250mm x 6600mm after the assembly is complete.




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