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As an organisation we understand our social responsibilities towards our employees, the environment and the society at large. In our pursuit towards excellence, we ensure not to imperil our surroundings by following certain rules. Like creating a healthier and safer work environment and maintaining high ethical and social work parameters. Even our EHS Committee stringently monitors, reviews and upgrades the company policies keeping in mind the wellbeing of environment and society. But largely our social contributions are:
  • When we designed and built our plant layout we made sure that there was minimum power wastage.
  • Our ERP systems try to achieve optimal utilisation of resources, by minimising raw material and maximising the output.
  • To reduce the use of paper, we emphasise on online communication and recycling of printed sheets.
  • We also hold bi-annual video training sessions to promote eco-friendly initiatives.
  • In the spirit of World Environment Day, we celebrate 5th June every year and reward those employees who have made efforts to protect the environment.

Our employees are a significant part of our organisation and that′s why we place their safety before everything else. Our employee safety measures include:

  • We organise regular fire fighting training, mock drills and teach them the safest ways to operate machinery and welding processes so the work conditions are secure.
  • Every year we follow a Safety week starting from 4th march (National Safety Day) that focuses on health and safety measures.
  • It′s imperative for each of our employees to take the safety pledge while joining our organisation.
  • Our senior management and HODs keep upgrading our safety norms on a timely basis and even hold safety training sessions for the employees
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